COMBICLICK: An impressive system

The innovative cooling and quick-clamping system has several advantages as compared to conventional tools: up to 30% lower workpiece temperature, 25% higher stock removal rate, 30% longer tool life and improved abrasive utilization.

Find out more about the advantages of fibre discs, non-woven tools and felt tools with COMBICLICK here.

What is the COMBICLICK system?

The COMBICLICK system consists of a specially developed backing pad and a rugged mounting system at the back of the tool.

With the backing pad, COMBICLICK tools can be used on commercially available angle grinders with just one click.

The unique geometry of the cooling slots ensures high air throughput, which in turn considerably reduces the thermal load on the abrasive material and the workpiece.

What does the COMBICLICK system offer as compared to conventional tools?

Compared to conventional tools, the quick-mounting system, robust mounting system, secure tool-locking feature and integrated cooling system together achieve a workpiece temperature that is up to 30% lower, a 25% higher stock removal rate, a 30% longer tool life and better utilisation of the abrasive.

COMBICLICK tools can be used at extremely low angles:

This helps to avoid scratches caused by protruding clamping pieces and achieves extremely high utilisation of the available abrasive.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Very easy and convenient to use.
  • Extremely quick and easy tool changeover, which reduces process costs.
  • Substantially lower thermal loads on tools and workpieces.
  • Scratches from protruding clamping elements are a thing of the past and abrasive utilisation is very high.

Which PFERD tools are available with COMBICLICK system?

Fibre discs

The broad COMBICLICK fibre disc range provides the optimum tool for every application – from rough to fine grinding.

With fibre discs in the CONTOUR type, particularly soft, flexible face-down grinding is possible.

Non-woven discs

COMBICLICK non-woven discs are used for face-down grinding. They can produce very fine surfaces.

The VRW (soft) type is suitable for very fine grinding on medium and large surfaces and contours, as well as cleaning work on metals and paints.

The VRH (hard) type is used for general work on medium and large metal surfaces.

The PNER type achieves a very fine, uniform surface finish which, depending on requirements, is an adequate preparation for high-gloss polishing.

Felt discs

COMBICLICK felt discs were designed for polishing. Used on medium and large surfaces for face-down grinding, they are available in a range of diameters.

Felt discs are ideal for polishing with polishing paste bars, grinding pastes or diamond polishing pastes.

Backing pads

With COMBICLICK backing pads, COMBICLICK tools can be used on commercially available angle grinders.

The broad range includes various degrees of hardness (medium and hard) and several dimensions (100, 115, 125 and 180 mm).

COMBICLICK backing pads impress users with a significantly reduced thermal load due to the unique geometry of the cooling slots and high efficiency thanks to minimal tool changeover times.

Recommendations for use:

  • Fibre discs with a diameter of 125 mm show particularly flexible grinding performance when used with a 115 mm backing pad.
  • CO-COOL-CONTOUR version: Use only the CC-GT 115-125 backing pad with M14 or 5/8"" thread to maintain flexibility at the edge of the fibre discs.

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